How To Assess The Difficulty Of A DIY Project

At this time of the year many of us start to look for jobs to do around the home to get our houses and flats ready for the coming months. Now that Christmas is out of the way, DIY seems like a good idea again.

But it can sometimes be difficult to work out just how easy it will be to carry out certain jobs, and whether you’re up to the task.

A number of seasoned DIYers recently shared their stories with RealEstate Boston, revealing that they’ve all started projects that they thought would just take a couple of hours, only for them to take considerably longer.

They also offered some advice on how to decide whether you want to tackle a DIY project, or call in a professional. Thinking about what tools you own or can borrow, as well as where you’re going to be working – do you need space to cut or shape things, for instance – is an important first step.

Tom Silva, co-owner of Silva Brothers Construction, believes good tools are a sensible investment. His top tip is to ensure you have sharp and high-quality blades. “Whether it’s a chisel, a hand plane or a saw, having a sharp tool makes your life easier,” he asserted.

You may also find that you can make smaller fixes to something rather than replacing the whole. For instance, a dink in your work surface could be rectified with surface repair products, rather than requiring you to replace a whole section of your worktop.

Working out the amount of time you are happy to spend on your DIY project is another consideration. All the experts agreed it’s worth taking a little longer to do something right first time, rather than having to try and fix mistakes, but they also stressed that if you think it might spiral out of control, it’s probably best to call in a professional.

Some of the best skills to master as a homeowner include caulking, fixing leaky taps and hanging pictures and other items on your walls.

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