Ritz Paris Auctions Furniture

If you are into upgrading furniture with the best surface repair products on the market, then you will be interested in an auction that is about to take place in Paris.

The Paris Ritz is set to auction off over 10,000 old pieces of furniture, including century old pieces.

This follows a significant renovation at the site, following a closure of four years. It is due to reopen soon.

If you are interested in renovating furniture then you could do a lot worse than get your hands on the first bathtub installed at the Ritz, which is expected to go for between €800-€1200.

People who are excited by the thought of using the furniture of the rich and famous  in their own homes, may be interested in a pair of black lacquered decorative Chinese trunks from the Coco Chanel suit, which will start the bidding at €2,000.

You could also invest in a gold sofa set from a salon named after Marcel Proust, which is expected to go for around €1,500.

They are being sold as they don’t fit into the new, improved hotel’s set up, revealed Artcurial, the auction house in charge of the sale in Business Insider. If you are interested the items will be on sale from April 17-21.

If you do manage to pick up any pieces we would be delighted to help you with any restoration needs you may have, whether that is providing surface repairs or just the tools and essential products you need to carry them out.

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