Top Tips To Cut Your DIY Spending

While carrying out home improvements can be a great way to revamp your living space and make better use of certain rooms in your home, it can also be an expensive business.

Given that incomes are being squeezed, it’s little surprise that many of us want to spend less on our DIY projects in 2018 than we did in 2017, so Which? has offered its top tips on how to cut the cost of some of the most common home improvements.

One area where you can make savings is by carrying out basic repairs yourself. This means investing in the right tools, according to the consumer rights organisation. Researching various power tools is advisable to ensure you can complete jobs quickly and easily.

You may also want to consider whether investing in surface repair products could allow you to fix a problem, and save the expense of buying a new piece of furniture or fixture like a bath.

Which? also recommends shopping around to find the best deal on a new kitchen, if this is on your agenda for 2018. The organisation revealed that even visiting different branches of the same firm could see you make savings, depending on the discounts applied by the individual salesperson.

Similarly, it’s worth doing some research into different bathroom brands before you splash out on a new suite, to make sure you’re getting the best quality in terms of the actual products and the customer service and fitting service.

If you’re keen to have a go at some DIY projects yourself this year, make sure you think carefully about how difficult a particular job will be. A number of DIY experts recently noted that, often, projects that seem simple can be much more complicated than envisaged. This may mean it’s better to call in a professional than have a go yourself.

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