Top Tools For A DIY Beginner

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home or have simply avoided doing DIY thus-far in your life but want to get stuck in, there are some things you’ll need before you begin any project – tools.

As someone who’s new to DIY, it can be daunting to visit a hardware store and be faced with so much choice. Not only are there literally hundreds of different tools available, there are multiple options for each, so, where should you start?

One builder recently told Small Holder what he’d describe as the essential tools that every DIYer needs. A toolbox to keep them in came in at the top of the list. A claw hammer, a Stanley knife, a cordless drill and a tape measure are among the items on that list, as well as a minimum of four screwdrivers – two Phillips and two flat-head, a big and small one of each.

Saws, wood chisels, pliers, clamps, a spirit level, a workbench and a scraper also featured in the list. But if buying everything separately seems a bit too much hard work, you may want to look at the top tool kits highlighted by the Evening Standard recently.

If you’re starting from scratch, you can pick up basic tool sets for as little as £20, which will probably be enough to get started on most DIY projects.

Of course, it’s not only tools that you need to successfully repair things around your home. Surface repair supplies can be a useful thing to have alongside your tools, as they will enable you to fix dents, scrapes and dings on furniture, work surfaces and even baths if you have the right products.

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