Younger Drivers ‘More Confident About Car Maintenance’

How much do you know about the inner workings of your car, and are you confident enough in your knowledge to carry out basic maintenance tasks yourself?

A new survey from LV= has revealed that drivers aged 17 to 24 are more confident in their abilities than those aged over 45. According to the organisation’s findings, 50 per cent of those in the younger age bracket said they would “find it easy to perform some basic car maintenance themselves”.

By contrast, just 31 per cent of those over 45 said the same. The insurer noted that this is partly because younger drivers are comfortable using online ‘how-to’ videos to help them complete tasks such as checking engine oil or tyre wear.

This may also mean that, in the event the paintwork on their car gets damaged, these younger motorists are happier to pick up surface repair products and remedy the issue themselves.

LV= noted that, by tackling basic maintenance tasks themselves, younger drivers are saving money as well. Overall, the company estimates that UK households are unnecessarily spending £390 million a year on mechanic fees, outside of their annual MOT.

Selwyn Fernandes, LV= managing director of car insurance, commented: “We know from previous research that more and more households have second cars, so understanding how to repair simple car problems can help save families money.”

Fixing minor scrapes and bumps yourself could be all the more appealing after figures from the Association of British Insurers recently revealed that the average cost of car insurance claims has hit a record high of £2,936 per claim.