Making Second Hand Nursery Furniture Safe

Professional painting supplies are going to come in handy if you are expecting a baby soon, particularly if you are looking for second hand furniture.

Second hand furniture is a great way to save money when preparing for the new arrival, and is a really environmentally friendly option, as baby furniture is used for such a short period of time when preparing for the new arrival.

How can you, however, ensure that it is as safe as the products you buy from the shops, which are forced to undergo rigorous testing before they can be sold in the UK?

Exercise some common sense and check these tips to help you make the right choice:


  1. Get a new mattress

This is essential for anything your baby sleeps in whether it is a Moses basket, crib or full-sized cot. There have been studies showing that babies who sleep on a mattress that has been used before are significantly more likely to die from sudden infant death syndrome. Therefore, always get a new mattress, even if you know it has only been used by a sibling.


  1. Check the paint

If you need to repaint then make sure you use a safe paint, and if possible don’t paint immediately before the baby arrives. Check how old the product is, is there a chance it could have lead paint? If so, chuck it out.


  1. Check the fire safety

Upholstered items should always include a label that says “All filling materials meet the 1988 safety regulations” or “Filling materials and covering fabrics meet the requirements for resistance of cigarette and match ignition in the 1988 safety regulations”.