UK’s Most Accident-Prone Drivers Revealed

If you’ve had to use surface repair products on your car to remove a scratch, the real question is was it you who did the damage or someone else? We all have perceptions about the sort of drivers who are more likely to be reckless in their vehicles and get into accidents and scrapes, however, new data from Go Compare might deliver a few surprises.

So which profession do you think tops the poll for drivers who make an at fault motoring claim? Couriers or taxi drivers might make the most sense, as they’re most often on the roads when working, but in actual fact it is GPS who make the most claims.

According to Moneywise, one in eight GPS made an at fault claim in the last year alone, however, these are more likely to be claims not involving injuries, suggesting they’re more trivial scrapes than major accidents.

Oddly enough, GPs are followed by hospital consultants , hospital doctors, surgeons , health visitors, optometrists and speech therapists as those professions also making a large number of claims.

Matt Oliver, a spokesperson for Go Compare, said that stressful professions such as working in healthcare can potentially lead to less concentration on the road, but that this cannot be used as an excuse for poor driving: ““Driving while stressed, tired or angry can easily lead to accidents and if it is deemed you were at fault for an accident due to negligence behind the wheel, your insurer may not pay out for a potential claim and you could even face criminal prosecution,” he said.

He suggests that you take time to objectively assess whether you’re in a fit state to drive before taking off – whether you’re stressed or tired – and consider pulling over to take a break if you believe you could be a risk on the roads.