Botched DIY Jobs Put Off 38% Of Homebuyers

Homeowners might be tempted to get their hands dirty and tackle property maintenance themselves, but if they are planning to sell their residence in the next few months or years, it could be worth hiring a professional for home repair jobs instead.

This is because a recent survey by GoCompare showed 38 per cent of homebuyers are put off purchasing a house or flat that has signs of bad DIY mistakes.

However, this does not mean you should neglect certain projects if you are putting your house on the market soon, as an even greater number (59 per cent) would avoid a property in a poor state of repair.

Ben Wilson, GoCompare’s home insurance expert, said: “While dated décor can be remedied easily and relatively cheaply, major flaws from poor maintenance or badly botched DIY can be expensive to put right.”

Even if your abode does not require major work, it is wise to make sure it is well maintained, as nearly half (46 per cent) would not purchase a dirty house; 31 per cent would be put off by broken fences; 17 per cent would walk away if it had an overgrown garden; and 15 per cent would struggle to look past cluttered rooms.

A recent article in the Daily Mail gave suggestions to homeowners looking to sell soon, saying simple touch-up jobs can be really effective at attracting the attention of homebuyers.

Interior stylish Helen Powell told the news provider that getting the front door re-painted – such as with professional paint supplies – or tidying up the front garden and showing off period features could boost your sale price by a few thousand pounds.