B&B Owners Facing Disruption From Guest Damage

If you’re a B&B owner, chances are you spend a lot of your time and energy on DIY surface repairs after damage is caused by paid guests. And while it may be par for the course in your industry, the level of business disruption it may be causing may surprise you.

According to DirectLine, almost half of B&B owners have had guests damage rooms, but while the majority of these, 45 per cent, meant that the room was still habitable, it has caused disruption as repairs eventually need to be made to make sure that the room is up to standards.

While there are many larger problems for B&B owners than surface damage which needs repairs, on the likes of furniture and in the bathroom, however these are also likely to cost the owner a lot more to fix. The likes of water damage from flooding can cost an average of £28,000 to fix, while also causing 70 days of disruption which continues to affect the amount of money the business can bring in. This cost averages out at £709 across all disruption.

The average disruption time for guest damage to a room where it is still habitable is just two days, which is relatively low, but can still disrupt essential bookings.

With minor repairs, it seems that a quick DIY fix is super important for B&B owners, so that they can keep their rooms in tip top shape, keeping guests happy and more bookings for guests coming through the door.