25% Would Rather Live With Damage Than Front Repairs, Says Study

When you have damage within your home, even though you can do a DIY surface repair yourself, it can be a pain to have to fix it. But do you count yourself with the quarter of householders who say they’d rather live with damage in their home than have to pay out for repairs?

When it comes to damage in the home, across the UK, 16 per cent would rather leave damage than pay to fix it, however, this figure is highest in Ireland where 25 per cent said they wouldn’t front the fees for repairs, followed by the South East at 23 per cent and Scotland at 22 per cent. These people are the most likely to attempt repairs themselves.

The study, conducted by NFU Mutual and reported by the Plymouth Daily, has found that when it comes to emergency repairs, the average household is paying over £500 per incident, costing in total £3.7 billion across the UK annually. Over half of householders have had an emergency in the last two years, with the main concerns of heating breaking down, electrical and gas problems, and plumbing problems at the forefront of most people’s minds.

Ross Garner, home insurance specialist at NFU Mutual, said that many home repairs fall outside of traditional home insurance coverage: “Although some people put money aside to cover unexpected costs, repairs can often cost more than anticipated and home emergencies can happen in quick succession”.

Keeping spare cash for emergency issues is key, so be sure to tackle any cosmetic surface repairs with a DIY kit.