Will You Embrace Any Of These DIY Trends?

Although you’ve probably put your paint brush and toolset away for Christmas, you might be looking for some new DIY projects to tackle in the new year. There are a host of things you could change around your home, from large-scale alterations to small updates that can lift a room.

But there are, of course, some interior trends that are more popular than others and Pinterest has been sharing its top picks for the coming 12 months.

For many in the UK, it’s more financially viable to improve rather than move at the moment. That means people are looking for ways to save a bit of cash while they’re updating their property. Investing in painting supplies in the UK could be the ideal place to start.

According to the website, one trend is to paint the floors, rather than removing the old parquet flooring and replacing it. Although it’s quite labour intensive, especially if you opt for a mosaic-look as suggested by Pinterest, it will look great and it’s cheaper than buying new tiles.

Searches for painted floor tiles are up by a staggering 1,276 per cent on the site this year, so it seems that a lot of us are having a similar idea.

It’s not only on the floor where we’re getting creative with our painting efforts. The website also highlighted the rise of geometric patterns, with searches for geometric paint up by 225 per cent in the last 12 months.

This is apparently a particularly popular option for children’s rooms, Pinterest revealed. It noted that geometric decor searches in relation to kids’ spaces were up by 1,178 per cent this year.

Another nursery trend you might want to try for yourself is introducing rustic touches to the decor. Think making a piece of furniture look a little worn and rough around the edges.

Other interior design trends that are proving popular include introducing tin elements to your home, such as in the form of backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom, and putting textile art up on walls around your home. This brings a “textured, artsy aesthetic” to a space, Pinterest suggested.

The colour mustard yellow is also proving popular in our properties, with the website recommending people “try out small accents for a colourful pop” if they don’t want to go the whole way with a yellow wall.

But even when you’re doing a home revamp on the cheap, you still need to splash some cash to change whatever space you’re decorating. Financial Reporter recently revealed that a growing number of homeowners are turning to equity release to find the funds they need for interior projects.

The news provider shared research from Canada Life, which found that 46 per cent of homeowners in Greater London who had decided to go down the equity release route used at least some of the money to fund home improvements.

This is more than the percentage who used equity release to pay off their mortgage, the news provider revealed. In the capital, 44 per cent of people have taken money out of their properties in order to clear this debt.