Top Tips To Add Value To Your Home

For many homeowners, the primary concern when you’re carrying out work on your property is getting it to a state that you’re happy with. However, it never hurts to think about how the improvements you’re making could add value too.

An article for the Yorkshire Post recently shared advice from the experts responsible for the Build It Live home renovation and self-build show about what projects are likely to provide the biggest boost to a home’s value.

Bathrooms and kitchens are two areas that are worth concentrating on. Where bathrooms are concerned, adding a second bathroom to a home can add between five and nine per cent to your property’s value, Build It Live revealed.

For kitchens, it’s all about having a “modern and attractive fitted kitchen”. This can add anywhere from four to ten per cent to the value of your home, the news provider noted.

However, these kinds of major revamps can be costly, and if you’re planning to move in the near future you may want a less expensive option. If your bathroom suite is looking a little tired or your kitchen work surface has seen better days, you may prefer to pick up surface repair supplies and repair the damage rather than going all in on a new bathroom or kitchen.

But it seems that many of us can be quite lazy in this respect too. Last year, a survey by NFU Mutual found that 16 per cent of people in the UK would rather live with damage than spend money having it repaired.

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Will You Embrace Any Of These DIY Trends?

Although you’ve probably put your paint brush and toolset away for Christmas, you might be looking for some new DIY projects to tackle in the new year. There are a host of things you could change around your home, from large-scale alterations to small updates that can lift a room.

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25% Would Rather Live With Damage Than Front Repairs, Says Study

When you have damage within your home, even though you can do a DIY surface repair yourself, it can be a pain to have to fix it. But do you count yourself with the quarter of householders who say they’d rather live with damage in their home than have to pay out for repairs?

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Will You Be Doing DIY Before Christmas?

While the thought of doing DIY in the run up to Christmas might be crazy for some people, for others it’s a top priority.

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Second Steppers Staying In First Homes Longer

There is a lot in the press at the moment about how first-time buyers are struggling to get on the property ladder, but for those who’ve already bought a home moving on is a bigger concern – and something many think is more difficult than buying a property in the first instance.

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B&B Owners Facing Disruption From Guest Damage

If you’re a B&B owner, chances are you spend a lot of your time and energy on DIY surface repairs after damage is caused by paid guests. And while it may be par for the course in your industry, the level of business disruption it may be causing may surprise you.

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How Can You Fund Home Improvements

With more people than ever deciding to improve their existing properties rather than move somewhere new, there’s a boom in home improvement works.

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Botched DIY Jobs Put Off 38% Of Homebuyers

Homeowners might be tempted to get their hands dirty and tackle property maintenance themselves, but if they are planning to sell their residence in the next few months or years, it could be worth hiring a professional for home repair jobs instead.

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UK’s Most Accident-Prone Drivers Revealed

If you’ve had to use surface repair products on your car to remove a scratch, the real question is was it you who did the damage or someone else? We all have perceptions about the sort of drivers who are more likely to be reckless in their vehicles and get into accidents and scrapes, however, new data from Go Compare might deliver a few surprises.

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Top Tips To Refresh Your Kitchen

We all know that a kitchen renovation is an expensive and disruptive project to take on, but if you’re on a tight budget don’t discount the possibility of sprucing up this part of your home.

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