Brush Tip Graining Markers Assortments

Mohawk’s Brush Tip Graining Markers is a revolutionary marker and tip that allows you to apply colour exactly where it is needed without any messy powders, fluids or odours. This is the perfect colour tool for trade and private customers.


Product Description

Brush Tip Graining Markers Assortments

Brush Tip Graining Markers have become so popular that their colour line is expanding. It feature a micro brush tip applicator. The colour can be applied excatly where it is needed with the marker and tip. Without any messy powders, fluids or odours. It is the perfect colour tool for trade and private customers.

Brush Tip Graining Markers come ready to use. Simply stroke or dot on colour often or blend the colour, tap the colour while it is wet with a clean cloth. It can be top coated with any of Mohawks aerosols for extra protection. This is simply the easiest marker that you will ever use!

KM265-2201 Assortment #1 includes KM265-2000 through to KM265-2005
(Honey Spice-Black-Dark Perfect Brown-Perfect Brown-Dark Cherry-Raw Umber)

KM265-2202 Assortment #2 includes KM265-2006 through to KM265-2011
(Light Oak-Van Dyke Brown-Dark Brown Mahogany-Burnt Umber-Burnt Sienna-Deep Brown Mahogany)

KM265-1203 Assortment #3 includes KM265-2012 through to KM265-2017
(Ash Tone-Honey Maple Tone-Warm Brown Walnut Tone-Golden Oak Tone-Deep Cordovan-Natural Light Oak Tone)

KM265-1204 Assortment #4 includes KM265-2018 through to KM265-2023
(Warm Oak Tone-Maple Glaze Tone-Medium Dark Oak Tone-Light Golden Oak Tone-Nutmeg Tone-Antique Maple Tone)




Available as a single brush HERE


Uses for the Brush Tip Graining Marker:

  • Use to add grain lines or alter the colour of a Fil Stik® Putty Stick, Quick Fill® Burn-In Stick, Plane Stick® Burn-In Stick or E-Z Flow ™ Burn-In Stick
  • Add colour to small sand through areas on a face or edges of a wooden part
  • Add or alter colour in any small defect


Please check out the video below for more instrustions:



  • Micro brush tip applicator
  • Clean crisp colours that hold a thin line
  • Complete 12 colour palette
  • Low to no odour
  • Easy to use, teach and learn
  • Quick and easy application, no messy powders, extra brushes or liquids



  1. This is the easiest marker you will ever use to add colour or grain
  2. You will have the colours needed to touch-up all basic wood tone colours
  3. You will be able to draw long or short grain lines
  4. The markers will blend better than any others
  5. Little to no learning curve and anyone can use this marker successfully
  6. You will be able to use these markers in any setting
  7. This is very portable easy to carry with you


Additional Information

Tip Colour

KM265-2201 Assortment #1, KM265-2202 Assortment #2, KM265-1203 Assortment #3, KM265-1204 Assortment #4