Paramose Paint Stripper 5 ltrs

The product is for the removal of multiple coats of paint, varnish and 2 pack lacquers – For Professional use only


Product Description

Paramose Paint Stripper

Paramose Paint Stripper & Varnish Remover is a traditional Dichloromethane (DCM) based product. The product is for the removal of multiple coats of paint, varnish and 2 pack lacquers. Thin and Thick are low evaporation formulas ensuring that Paramose penetrates into the substrate.


Professional use only and within industrial installations.


Safety & Preparation:

Ensure effective and suitable ventilation in all processing areas as directed in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) REACH regulations and protect surrounding areas from splashes. Wear suitable protective clothing, safety glasses and protective gloves that comply with HSE Directive 89/686/EEC such as Marigold Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves or Gauntlets.



Pour an amount of Paramose into a suitable container, and then apply the stripper by brush generously and evenly. Leave for approximately 20 minutes until the paint or varnish starts to react then remove with a suitable scraper. For many layers of paint or varnish, apply a second coat with a dabbing motion after the first has started to react, no need to remove the first coat.

Paramose Spirit is particularly suitable for use on wood and you can wash down with Methylated Spirits. After using Paramose Water-washable thick, the substrate can be washed down with either water or Methylated Spirits. You can improve the finish by using a Wire Wool such as Liberon Grades 3 or 4. Paramose Spirit washable Paint and Varnish Remover thin is also suitable for dip tanks and immersion stripping, subject to compliance with HSE REACH Regulations.


Paramose is suitable for use on Wood, Masonry or Metal.


Available in: 5 Litres



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